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Renaissance Woman


I'm Katrin

I'm an aries/taurus/gemini originally hailing from Minnesota, now bouncing between Aspen, CO and Florence, Italy. When I'm not pursuing my studies at Charles H. Studios, you can find me indulging on local dishes, grooving (with my two left-feet) to live music, and frolicking about the streets of the enchanting renaissance city admiring botanicals.

Simply put, I am allured by details that are often over looked. With each piece I aim to create fascination in ordinary experiences, and add a hint of whim to the everyday. As we become accustomed to what is around us, we frequently stop appreciating common beauty, believing we must go to extraordinary lengths to once again feel wonder. Through my pieces, I intend to inspire viewers to pause and reconsider the magic around us that previously appeared trivial.

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I hardly ever sit still, but when I do it's to enjoy a book (that is likely non-fiction). As Brian Weiss wrote in Many Lives, Many Masters 'Through knowledge we grow closer to spirit.'


I love to travel, especially solo!

In September of 2019 I sold (most) of my belongings, packed up my studio and traveled Europe by myself for four months. I had planned on living that lifestyle for three years, but the universe had other plans for me and I stumbled upon Charles H. Studios,  which I now attend.


I'm body neutral and a HAES advocate

I survived an eating disorder which I endured for over four years before admitting myself to a recovery program. I share my story and am a Health At Every Size advocate in the hopes of increasing compassion for every body.

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