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Resources for Expats in Florence

Here is a concise list of basic resources that have proven useful throughout my relocation to Florence, Italy. Note: this page will be updated periodically.


Affitto Casa / Stanze a Firenze - Rent Rooms in Florence (Facebook Group)

Facebook Groups

Expat Women in Florence (women only, obviously)

Florence International Students (for students)

Foreigners in Florence (you need to be living or looking to move to Florence to join)

Health Insurance

For various types of visas you may need to secure health insurance for your application. Several friends and I obtained ours through Welcome Association Italy. Their coverage met the requirements and was extremely affordable (at least by US standards).


While ultimately grocery shopping comes down to preference and what is convenient for you, Esselunga is my favorite. You can become a member in-store (if I recall correctly it is free to enroll). This unlocks membership pricing and discounts, as well as points which can be spent on various rewards (anything from high-end hair dryers to vacations!). Plus, they have a great delivery service which has proven convenient throughout COVID lockdowns.

Cell Service Providers

  • Digital sim cards: Vodafone . I have an Iphone XR which allows me to have a physical sim card (my US number) as well as a digital sim card I obtained through Vodafone.

  • Cheapest AND best coverage: Coopvoce. In addition to being the most affordable (with a great range of service) they have also promised to never increase their rates (unlike other sneaky providers), which they so far have upheld. I totally would have obtained a plan through them, however they do not offer Esims yet. Originally they were going to launch these at the end of 2019, but it seems COVID has thrown a wrench in those plans.

Obtaining a Bike

Unless you live in a very secure building, I highly recommend buying a used bike. Bike theft is common here, especially for nicer/newer models. Regardless of which route you decide to take, you will obviously want to invest in a bike lock as well. Even though I have a pretty beat up one myself I still invested in a $50 lock, which can be used for nicer models in the future.

  • Used - Facebook market place is a great way to snag deals.

  • New - If you have your heart set on a new sparkly set of wheels, Bianchi is an incredible local brand. Plus, the guys who work here are knowledgeable when it comes to repairs.

Paying Utilities

While these can be paid by bringing your utility bills to a tabacchi, you can also pay them online using This resource has proven useful when I have a bill pop up while I'm visiting the States.

Not seeing a resource you would like to? Let me know.

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