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French Apple Rose Tart

I used Entertaining with Beth's recipe, found here and made these minor adjustments:

  • In the compote rather than apple juice, I used a berry fruit juice with beets to give it a beautiful blush color and to emphasize the rose design.

  • For the decorative apple slices I left the skins on. Apple skins are high in vitamins and minerals (make sure to buy organic if you're going to do this to minimize pesticides and chemicals!), by peeling them you're missing out on this treasure trove of nutrients. Plus, the skins add an additional layer of lovely color to the presentation.

  • For the whipped cream I added cinnamon (measure this ish with your heart). This additional flavor compliments the apples beautifully and makes it slightly more special.

The tart alone, while ethereal, tastes pleasant but is a little forgettable. When paired with the cream however, it becomes divine. Note this tart is light - so you're going to feel satisfied without feeling sluggish afterwards.

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